Do You Love Coffee?

If you’re like me, coffee is an essential part of your day. It’s a pillar of your morning routine and even there to prime your daily workouts.

Recently, I’ve teamed up with Caffeine & Kilos to create the “Squat University Squat Day Blend.” It’s a medium roast with a smooth and bold taste & 20% more caffeine than a standard coffee.

I had a ton of fun testing different blends to find the exact one I enjoyed the most, so I hope you’ll enjoy this coffee as much as I do.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Love Coffee?

  1. I am not sure that there is anyone who doesn’t love coffee. Personally, before sport I drink a cup of espresso and during training I feel myself great. I have heard about this “Squat University Squat Day Blend.” from the social media and I think you should develop this communication channel. You can find out here about advantages and disadvantages of social media in business. I have even completed the college project on the same subject 🙂

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