Now you can bring the content of Squat University with you where ever you go! The SquatU Podcast is a mix of short 20-30 minute “lectures” by Dr. Aaron Horschig and longer interviews with some of the top experts and athletes in the fields of strength & conditioning and rehabilitation!

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Here’s What You Should Listen To First…

Episode 1: The Foundation
Episode 2: Knee Pain 101
Episode 3: The Tripod Foot
Episode 4: Patellar & Quad Tendon Pain
Episode 5: Barbell Training: Shoes or No Shoes? 
Episode 6: The Squat: Toes Forward or Angled?
Episode 7: The Technique Continuum
Episode 8: Patellar Compressive Syndrome 
Episode 9: Low Bar vs High Bar Squat
Episode 10: Hip vs Quad Dominant Squats
Episode 11: Anatomy 101: Glute Medius 
Episode 12: Chad Vaughn & Cheryl Haworth Interview
Episode 13: Squat Anatomy 
Episode 14: Fixing IT Band Pain
Episode 15: The Joint By Joint Concept
Episode 16: Applying the Joint By Joint Concept
Episode 17: Anatomy 201 (Femur Length) 
Episode 18: To Stretch Or Not To Stretch
Episode 19: Is Youth Weightlifting Safe?
Episode 20: Groin Pain 101
Episode 21: Fixing The Rounded Back Squat
Episode 22: Training Programming with Greg Nuckols 
Episode 33: Low Back Pain with Dr. Stuart McGill
Episode 39: Strength Science With Dr. Andy Galpin
Episode 40: Tendon Injuries With Jill Cook
Episode 41: Muscle Science With Dr. Layne Norton

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