Learn how to find your individual movement “weak links” that hamper perfecting your squat technique & leave you with aches and pains!

What is a SquatU Seminar?

The 1st two hours of the seminar is called the “Mastering Movement” section where we cover how to properly screen the body and expose problems. Dr. Aaron Horschig will help you screen your entire body (from head to toe) to help expose problem areas that hamper perfect squatting technique. We then go over specific corrective exercises for each “weak link” found. Each person that attends the seminar will with a booklet that contains exactly what they need to work on to perfect their movement and decrease their risk for future aches and pains.

The 2nd half of the seminar goes in depth into barbell squatting techniques (front squat, back squat and overhead squat) for the last 2 hours. We will discuss the most common technique flaws, the specifics of squatting (foot position, stance width) and even debunk a few myths (is squatting deep harmful for your knees?). We will move around and lift during this session, but those attending will not be asked to lift heavy.

Seminar Testimony

I squatted without any knee pain for the first time in over 5 years yesterday. Granted, the weight was light, but I wasn’t able to say that even when I used to do body weight squats. Through applying your concepts on joint mobility, feet/toe positioning, and body weight vs weight squat mechanics I finally felt comfortable getting underneath the bar again. Not only were they pain free but my range of motion allow ATG squatsAbraham Vandiver

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