“I wanted to reach out and say thank you! I was surprised how beneficial the information presented at the SquatU seminar was. Our members learned a lot about themselves. I still have members talking about it. I can also say that I learned a ton as well! I now coach differently and it has helped our gym tremendously.  I would highly recommend you to any organization that wants to learn more about the squat and how to teach it.”

-Robby McCord – Owner of Do Work Crossfit (Lee’s Summit Missouri). Level 1 Certified CrossFit Coach & 2014 CrossFit Regional Games athlete.


“I squatted without any knee pain for the first time in over 5 years yesterday. Granted, the weight was light, but I wasn’t able to say that even when I used to do body weight squats. Through applying your concepts on joint mobility, feet/toe positioning, and body weight vs weight squat mechanics I finally felt comfortable getting underneath the bar again. Not only were they pain free but my range of motion allow ATG squats.”

Abraham Vandiver


Big shout out to Carlos Heros. Here is a video showing his awesome progress in the squat over the past year. The video on the left was his 1 rep max a year ago, the video on the right was his 10th set of 3 reps with the very same weight! Here's a few things we've worked on improving the past year. 1) Keeping the bar over the mid foot. Carlos is very tall, 6'7" I believe. This can be tough for such a tall guy to maintain good mechanics and squat to full depth. Keeping the bar over the mid foot allows his body to stay balanced & produce efficient force & power. Originally he had a bad habit of letting the bar drift towards his toes. 2) Proper breathing & bracing mechanics. By breathing "into the stomach" – expand your stomach AND then bracing your core before you descend you keep your core stable & allow your body to lift massive weight safely. ——————————- If you need to work on your squat technique, we are here to help! Progress is never found over a single session but is a long and steady process. But it can be done & Carlos is a great example of that! ________________________________ Squat University is the ultimate guide to realizing the strength to which the body is capable of. The information within these pages are provided to empower you to become a master of your physical body. Through these teachings you will find what is required in order to rid yourself of pain, decrease risk for injury, and improve your strength and athletic performance. ________________________________ #Squat #SquatUniversity #Powerlifting #weightlifting #crossfit #training #wod #gym #exercisescience #fit #fitfam #fitness #fitspo #oly #olympicweightlifting #functionalmovement #biomechanics #workout

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