“The Squat University Toronto seminar was an amazing experience and a pleasure to host. The ability to teach people to not only move more efficiently – but acknowledge movement deficiencies and then improve/correct them is a very valuable tool for anyone in the fitness industry. I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone looking to gain immense insight on proper squat mechanics and fundamental movement principles. The effective techniques Squat University enlightened us with are valuable for anyone looking to improve in the gym – from beginners to the most advanced lifters.”

Steve McCollum
Founder of TFT Fitness
Head Strength Coach at Journey To Excel
“I recently hosted a seminar by Aaron and it was amazing. The feedback from attendees was awesome, blown away with his knowledge and ability to explain things! Everyone got so so much from the seminar and all would highly recommend attending a seminar of his.”

Barry O’Connor
Owner of Barry’s Fitness
“Our members were blown away at the amount of material presented during our Squat University Seminar. By identifying their individual weaknesses and deficiencies when squatting, they are now incorporating the techniques and accessory movements Dr. Horschig provided into training and seeing immediate results.”

Paul Krieger of OV CrossFit
“Dr. Aaron Horschig is passionate about what he’s teaching and that passion radiates in his presentation! Everyone left with an arsenal of hands on, practical knowledge that they could apply instantly to themselves and their movement patterns. The trainers gained wonderful tools to add to their toolbox that they can utilize as they screen and asses correct movement patterns in their clients. The training was engaging and kept everyone’s interest by using a varied mix of lecture, demonstration and hands on learning.”

Kelie Morgan of MKT CrossFit
“I was surprised how beneficial the information presented at the SquatU seminar was. Our members learned a lot about themselves. I still have members talking about it. I can also say that I learned a ton as well! I now coach differently and it has helped our gym tremendously. I would highly recommend you to any organization that wants to learn more about the squat and how to teach it.”
Robby McCord
Owner of Do Work CrossFit (Lee’s Summit Missouri)