Now you can bring the content of Squat University with you where ever you go! The SquatU Podcast is a mix of short 20-30 minute “lectures” by Dr. Aaron Horschig and longer interviews with some of the top experts and athletes in the fields of strength & conditioning and rehabilitation!

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Past Episodes

Episode 1: The Foundation

Episode 2: Knee Pain 101

Episode 3: The Tripod Foot

Episode 4: Patellar & Quad Tendon Pain

Episode 5: Barbell Training: Shoes or No Shoes? 

Episode 6: The Squat: Toes Forward or Angled?

Episode 7: The Technique Continuum

Episode 8: Patellar Compressive Syndrome 

Episode 9: Low Bar vs High Bar Squat

Episode 10: Hip vs Quad Dominant Squats

Episode 11: Anatomy 101: Glute Medius 

Episode 12: Chad Vaughn & Cheryl Haworth Interview

Episode 13: Squat Anatomy 

Episode 14: Fixing IT Band Pain

Episode 15: The Joint By Joint Concept

Episode 16: Applying the Joint By Joint Concept

Episode 17: Anatomy 201 (Femur Length) 

Episode 18: To Stretch Or Not To Stretch

Episode 19: Is Youth Weightlifting Safe?

Episode 20: Groin Pain 101

Episode 21: Fixing The Rounded Back Squat

Episode 22: Training Programming with Greg Nuckols 

Episode 23: Fixing Hip Impingement

Episode 24: Fixing the ‘Good Morning’ Squat

Episode 25: Fixing a Groin Strain

Episode 26: Fixing Hip Flexor Pain

Episode 27: Fixing the Off Balance Squat

Episode 28: The Single Leg Bridge Screen

Episode 29: Fixing Piriformis Syndrome

Episode 30: Fixing the Twisting Squat Fault

Episode 31: Fixing Lateral Hip Pain

Episode 32: Lifting After the Age of 50

Episode 33: Low Back Pain with Dr. Stuart McGill

Episode 39: Strength Science With Dr. Andy Galpin

Episode 40: Tendon Injuries With Jill Cook

Episode 41: Muscle Science With Dr. Layne Norton

Episode 42: Fixing the Front Rack

Episode 43: How to Breathe When Lifting Heavy

Episode 44: 5 Tips to Improve Your Snatch (Interview with Chad Vaughn)

Episode 45: The Overhead Athlete (Roundtable Discussion)

Episode 46: Why Wear a Weightlifting Belt?

Episode 47: Barbell Squatting 101

Episode 48: Back Mechanics with Dr. Stuart McGill

Episode 49: Elbow Pain 101

Episode 50: Energy Leaks

Episode 51: Breaking Through Training Plateaus with Dr. Jacob Wilson

Episode 52: The Science of Sticking Points with Eric Helms

Episode 53: Thoracic Spine Mobility

Episode 54: Are Banded Joint Mobilizations Legit?

Episode 55: Gluteal Amnesia with Dr. Stuart McGill

Episode 56: World Record Weights & Chicken Shakes with Blaine Sumner

Episode 57: Shoulder Internal Rotation Mobility

Episode 58: 5 Tips to Improve Your Clean & Jerk with Chad Vaughn

Episode 59: Kelly Starrett of MobilityWOD

Episode 60: Core Strength vs Stability

Episode 61: Cautionary Exercises: Reverse Hyper

Episode 62: Men Vs Women: Fatigue & Recovery Differences with Greg Nuckols

Episode 63: Cautionary Exercises: Back Extension

Episode 64: My Pre Squat Warm Up Routine

Episode 65: Weightlifting Belts Don’t Fix Back Pain

Episode 66: 5 Tips for Improving Jerk Technique with Chad Vaughn

Episode 67: Training Tips, Blogging & Coaching GaryVee with Jordan Syatt

Episode 68: Your MRI is NOT a Reflection of your Back Pain

Episode 69: The Art of Coaching with Brett Bartholomew

Episode 70: Shoulder Assessment & Treatment with Eric Cressey

Episode 71: Shoulder Pain 101

Episode 72: Achilles Tendon Pain 101

Episode 73: My Pre Olympic Lifting Warm Up

Episode 74: 2 Fast Ways to PR Your Squat with Travis Mash

Episode 75: Fixing Knee Cave (Strength vs Stability)

Episode 76: Why I Stopped Doing Sit Ups

Episode 77: Are You Still Doing ‘Empty Cans’?

Episode 78: The Squat: Should You Bounce out of the Bottom?

Episode 79: How Poor Movement Creates Injury with Dr. Shirley Sahrmann

Episode 80:  Science + Hard Work = PRs with Travis Mash

Episode 81: How to Recover From Heavy Lifting, Blood Flow Restriction and Barefoot Training with Chris Duffin

Episode 82: You Need to STOP using Ice with Gary Reinl

Episode 83: The Ultimate Deadlift Warm up

Episode 84: Trigger Points & Building a Social Media Fitness Brand with @JoeTherapy

Episode 85: How to Fix a Hip Shift

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