Listed here are all of the blog articles Dr. Aaron Horschig has written on numerous topics including mobility, stability, technique fixes and injury & rehabilitation.

Mobility Help

  1. How to Screen Ankle Mobility
  2. Ankle Mobility Pt 2 (Roundabout or Traffic Jam?)
  3. How To Improve Ankle Mobility
  4. How to Screen Hip Mobility
  5. Hip Mobility Pt 2 (Hip Restriction?) 
  6. How to Improve Hip Mobility
  7. Screening Overhead Mobility 
  8. How to Improve Overhead Mobility
  9. The Truth Behind Stretching Before Your Workout
  10. Improving Thoracic Spine Mobility
  11. Improving Lat & Pec Flexibility 
  12. Do You Need More Internal Rotation?

Stability Training

  1. Don’t Forget the Foot!
  2. How to Screen Knee Stability
  3. How to Improve Knee Stability
  4. How to Fix Knee Cave
  5. How to Breathe when Squatting
  6. 3 Core Stability Exercises for a Better Squat
  7. How to Screen for Overhead Stability
  8. How to Improve Overhead Stability
  9. Strengthening the Serratus Anterior
  10. Stabilizing the Shoulder Blade & Joint
  11. Will Training Your Abs Increase Your Barbell Lifts? 

Anatomy & Biomechanics

  1. How Hip Anatomy Affects Squat Mechanics 
  2. Does The Intervertebral Disc Adapt to Load?


  1. The Technique Continuum
  2. Toes Forward or Angled Out When You Squat? 
  3. 6 Steps to Perfecting Your Pistol 
  4. Overhead Squat Technique 
  5. High Bar Back Squat 
  6. Low Bar Back Squat
  7. Front Squat
  8. How to Teach a Perfect Bodyweight Squat 
  9. The Top 3 Squat Problems & How to Fix Them! 
  10. The Hip Airplane

Training Accessories

  1. How to Use A Weightlifting Belt 
  2. Are You Wearing the Right Shoes? 
  3. Knee Wraps vs Knee Sleeves 
  4. First WIDE TOE BOX Weightlifting Shoe

Training Theory

  1. Why You Should Squat Heavy 
  2. When Can My Child Start Lifting Pt 1
  3. When Can My Child Start Lifting Pt 2
  4. System Failure
  5. The Joint by Joint Concept
  6. Is it really ‘No Pain No Gain’?


  1. The Real Science of the Squat Pt 1 
  2. The Real Science of the Squat Pt 2
  3. Is Your Squat ‘Quad Dominant’ or ‘Hip Dominant?’

Squat Myths

  1. Can the Knees go Over the Toes? 
  2. Are Deep Squats Bad for the Knees? 
  3. The Truth Behind Stretching Before Your Workout

Injury & Rehabilitation

  1. Common Lifting Injuries
  2. The Joint-By-Joint Approach to Low Back Pain 
  3. What Causes Low Back Pain? 
  4. How to Screen Your Low Back Pain
  5. The Pelvis & Low Back Relationship 
  6. The Low Back Pain Epidemic 
  7. Knee Pain
  8. What Kind of Knee Pain Do You Have?
  9. How to Fix Patellar and Quad Tendon Pain
  10. How to Fix IT Band Pain
  11. How to Fix Patellar Compression Syndrome
  12. What Kind of Hip Pain Do You Have?
  13. How to Rehab a Hamstring Strain 
  14. The Single Leg Bridge Test
  15. What Kind of Groin Pain Do You Have? 
  16. Fixing the Pulled Groin
  17. Fixing Hip Flexor Pain
  18. Fixing Hip Impingement 
  19. How to Correctly Treat Piriformis Syndrome 
  20. Fixing Lateral Hip Pain
  21. Does Stretching the Hamstrings Fix Low Back Pain?
  22. The McGill Big 3 For Core Stability 
  23. Why We Develop Shoulder Pain
  24. How To Screen Your Shoulder Pain
  25. Core Stability: Bridging Rehab To Performance 
  26. How We Develop Achilles Tendon Pain
  27. Rehabbing Achilles Tendinopathy
  28. The Lifters Guide To Elbow Pain
  29. Reverse Hyper and Roman Chair Back Extensions? 
  30. WARNING! Stop Wearing a Weightlifting Belt for Back Pain!
  31. What is ‘Gluteal Amnesia’? 
  32. Don’t Ice, Walk it Off!
  33. Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training: Everything You Need To Know
  34. Foot Pain (Part 1): Introduction To Common Foot Problems
  35. Foot Pain (Part 2): Anatomy 101 (“Normal” vs “Natural”)
  36. Foot Pain (Part 3): How Shoes Change Your Feet
  37. Foot Pain (Part 4): What Causes ‘Plantar Fasciitis’?
  38. Foot Pain (Part 5): How To Evaluate Your Foot Pain
  39. Foot Pain (Part 6): How To Fix Foot Pain
  40. Foot Pain (Part 7): Should You Wear Arch Support? (Orthotics 101)


  1. Squat History 101

Guest Posts

  1. The Use Of Blocks In Weightlifting (By Travis Mash)
  2. How Does Exercise Change The Brain (By Brogan Williams)
  3. Why Technique Matters (By Brogan Williams)