The FIRST Wide Toe Box Weightlifting Shoe

Are you sick and tired of NARROW weightlifting shoes? All they do is pinch/smash your toes together! When this happens, it makes it harder to maintain a stable arch, spread your bodyweight evenly across the ideal tripod foot which means less balance and have optimal control of your lower body to resist excessive knee cave when lifting. This is because the foot functions best to provide stability for the entire lower body when the toes can spread out!

If your foot was designed to have the toes as the WIDEST part of the entire structure, why are all weightlifting shoes so narrow?!

Many companies favor “fashion standards” over function.

This all changes right now. I want to introduce you to the TYR x SquatU collaboration weightlifting shoe – the first ever truly wide toe box weightlifting shoe. It’s snug in the right places to keep your foot from sliding around – but wide enough in the toe box to allow your toes to spread out and your foot to function and stabilize the rest of the body as it was designed.

I’ve been designing this shoe with TYR for over a year and a half and trust me when I say – this is the greatest weightlifting shoe ever made!

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  2. Please make the next gen shoe is a wide size with wide toe boxes. I am 6’2 “ 320 lbs. I have been switching to minimalist style foot wear, or at least to 0 drop wide toe box shoes, but my feet are so wide even the widest and loosest styles every brand makes is very tight on me. Altra is the only brand that will make 2E wide toe box footwear. I love your content and has made such a difference in my lifts. Wish I could get some good lifting shoes to get a better snatch and clean, but my giant foot doesn’t fit into anything I have ever tried.

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  4. Choosing equipment to support during exercise is very important. A pair of shoes that can ensure good performance is very important because it also protects your feet from being too sore.

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    1. I have the TYR Lifter-1 in the Blue. I like the wide toe box my feet can get. Good grip n I like the stability they give me on the platform. They were 199.00 but a good lifting shoe it’s worth it. I bought mine from Rogue.

  6. The new wide-toe weightlifting shoe from Position USA is a game-changer for athletes seeking improved performance and comfort during their workouts. The innovative design allows for a natural foot position and stability, while the flat sole provides a solid base for lifts. While Jordans are great shoes, they may not provide the same benefits for weightlifting as this specialized shoe. Overall, the Position USA wide-toe weightlifting shoe is a valuable addition to any serious lifter’s gear.

  7. This shoe was an important development in the evolution of weightlifting footwear, and it has since paved the way for further innovations in this field.

  8. Weightlifting shoes are an essential tool for serious athletes, and my choice to use them demonstrates my dedication to perfecting my form and maximizing my performance.

  9. I am super excited about these shoes – they are perfect for my left foot which has a big toe. As dedicated bodybuilders, we understand the importance of quality shoes, especially for heavy lifting. Also, I am determined to shed some pounds, and I know the right footwear and weight loss affirmations will provide the boost I need to reach my goals.

  10. I just got these shoes and they are not true to size (way too small). Just a heads up if you’re going to purchase them. I wear a size 12 in all my footwear and when I tried to put there on my toes were literally beginning to curl under. I currently have the Adidas Adipower 3 and they fit me better and are much more spacious than the TYR in the exact same size. I recommend sizing up by a whole size. TYR has a poor shipping and returns policy so it’s worth getting it right the first time.

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  12. I can understand your frustration with narrow weightlifting shoes and their impact on foot comfort and stability during lifting. It is indeed essential for weightlifting shoes to provide adequate support and space for the toes to spread out comfortably. When the toes are allowed to be the widest part of the foot, it promotes better balance, stability, and control during lifting exercises, reducing the risk of knee cave and other potential issues.

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  14. That is amazing making for those who has wider gap. Finding the right weightlifting shoes is everyone’s personal preference. But i was thinking one thing what is the weight of these shoes.

  15. The title “The First Wide Toe Box Weightlifting Shoe” suggests an article or product review that may discuss the introduction of weightlifting shoes with a wide toe box.

  16. The term “wide toe box” likely refers to the front part of the shoe, which accommodates the toes. Weightlifters often need a stable base for lifting heavy weights, and having a wide toe box can provide extra room for the toes to spread out, enhancing balance and stability.

  17. The article may delve into the benefits of weightlifting shoes with a wide toe box, such as improved foot positioning, reduced risk of injury, and enhanced overall performance during weightlifting exercises like squats, deadlifts, and clean and jerk

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