My promise: All of the products I recommend are of the highest quality and are ones that I personally use. I will never back a product that I don’t believe in. 

Rebuilding Milo

Do you need help fixing your back pain? What about your hip, knee, shoulder or elbow pain? This book is the solution to your struggles with injury and pain. It walks you through simple tests and screens to uncover the movement problem at the root of your pain. After discovering the cause of your injury, you’ll be able to create an individualized rehab program as laid out in this book. Finally, you’ll be on the right path to eliminate your pain and return to the activities you love.

The Squat Bible

Do you need help perfecting squat technique? Do you want to move better so you can hit that new PR? My first book, ‘The Squat Bible’ walks you through how to screen and uncover what specific problems are holding you back (such as limited ankle mobility, knee stability, etc) and teaches you how to rebuild your squat today!

Ursus Shoe By Bearfoot Athletics.

I use this shoe when deadlifting, pressing, and just about every lift besides cleans & snatches. This shoe fits like a glove and enhances foot stability by allowing your foot to move like it should! To learn why a barefoot shoe like the Ursus is so great and will help you lift more weight with great technique, check out this podcast:–Ray-McClanahan-ectm8g/a-a1v8q1j

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Feelgrounds Shoes

Comfortable and fashionable shoes with an extra wide toe-box and flexible sole for a natural fit. I personally wear these shoes at home, at work, and everywhere in between (and they don’t look like those weird 5 Finger toed shoes). To learn why shoes like these are so important, check out this podcast:–Ray-McClanahan-ectm8g/a-a1v8q1j

Correct Toes

The only silicone toe spacer designed by a sports podiatrist to be used while being active. Reverse the damaging effects of footwear by using Correct Toes while barefoot or while wearing wide toe-box shoes! Learn about this awesome product that I use everyday in this Podcast with Dr. Ray McClanahan:–Ray-McClanahan-ectm8g/a-a1v8q1j

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Ample Drinks

If you guys are like me, your day to day schedule is crazy busy and you don’t always have time to sit down and eat a good meal after your workout. Ample solves this problem of not having enough time during the day to fuel your body optimally. They make powder drink that comes in a bottle (you just add water and shake it up before drinking) with high quality foods you can actually recognize on the ingredient list. If you need help keeping weight on or optimally fueling your body during your busy schedule, these drinks can help.

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SmartCuffs Blood Flow Restriction

BFR training is a unique way to train your body when you can’t lift heavy. I use these cuffs with my patients recovering from injury and recommend them for serious lifters interested in optimizing warm-up and recovery. Learn more about BFR training in this blog:

“Squat U” Cardillo Weightlifting Belt

A weightlifting belt is an essential tool for any serious strength athlete. This custom made belt is designed by Cardillo, and the only brand of belt I wear when I lift heavy! To learn how a weightlifting belt can aid your training, check out this blog article:

Breath Belt

This is an excellent tool to learn how to breathe properly when lifting heavy. Unlocking this potential can catapult your lifting numbers to new levels and ensure you stay safe when lifting big weights. Learn about this belt in this video:

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Barbell Apparel

Are you frustrated trying to find a pair of pants that fit your waist and your thighs? I’ve been there. Barbell Apparel is clothing engineered for strength athletes. The clothing they make not only fit well, they move with you (so well you can even squat in them!). I love wearing their Chino pant specifically to work each day!

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Rogue Monster Bands

To perform the “Spanish Squat” for patellar or quad tendonitis or banded joint mobilizations for the hip/ankle, you need a good quality band that’s strong and won’t break down. The Monster Bands from Rogue are my go-to resistance bands!

Rumble Rollers

Not your everyday foam roller! This roller is designed to really get into stiff tissues and improve mobility. I use it everyday!


A heel lift helps improve technique during the olympic lifts by allowing you to squat deeper with a more upright chest. The Versalift heel lift easily fits within your everyday tennis shoe, giving you the versatility to perform a snatch, box jumps, and run around the block without having to change into your olympic lifting shoes!

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Fit Map Trainer

If you’re serious about perfecting lifting technique, the Fit Map Trainer allows you analyze your movement like never before. Set your stance the exact same way every set with the easy to use grid system. There’s no other product out there like this!

Kettlebell Kings

Well made products created by a company dedicated to education! Kettlebells range from 5 to 203 pounds, and shipping is free in the US. What more could you ask for?!

Transformer Bar By Kabuki Strength

Plain and simple, I love this bar. The Transformer Bar is practically multiple-bars-in-one. The adjustable set-up allows you to “transform” the bar so that it acts like a front squat or back squat, all with the standard hold of a normal safety squat bar (SSB). It allows the lifter to control the height of the camber (4 different settings) as well as the angle (variable by 30 degrees all the way around). There are a total of 48 different positional variations you can select. The bar is a must-have for the serious strength athlete and strength facility!

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