How to Fix Patellar Compressive Syndrome

For the past few weeks we’ve been discussing knee pain. We started with an article on IT Band syndrome and followed it with another on patellar tendon pain. Today, we’re going to examine another common knee injury sustained by barbell athletes, patellar compressive syndrome. This injury can be broken down into two categories. Excessive lateralContinue reading How to Fix Patellar Compressive Syndrome

How to Improve Knee Stability

The knee needs to stay in perfect alignment with the toes when we squat. Any wobble from this position decreases our ability to produce strength and power. Instability also causes harmful forces to be placed on the structures deep inside our knee. This instability not only decreases our potential for performance but also increases our susceptibility for injury. Today I want to introduce to you my 3-step process for improving knee stability.Continue reading How to Improve Knee Stability