How to Teach a Perfect Squat

When we talk about the squat many people often want to jump right into discussing the barbell squat. We forget the basics of the bodyweight squat. If we don’t address the movement of the squat before the exercise version of the squat we set ourselves up for failure. If we can fix the issues that present during the bodyweight squat we give ourselves a greater capability to carry the load of the barbell. We should all have the ability to perform a full depth “ass-to-grass” squat without any weight. Period.Continue reading How to Teach a Perfect Squat

The Squat Fix: Hip Mobility Pt 2

Hip mobility is a very important aspect in achieving a full depth squat. Stiff hips decrease our ability to properly activate the appropriate muscles in our hips. Essentially, we bleed out a good amount of power during heavy squats. Understanding the cause of our restricted hip mobility is the first step in establishing effective ways to fix the problem.Continue reading The Squat Fix: Hip Mobility Pt 2