Squat University Seminar in St. Louis

When: January 18-19th, 2020

Where: D1 Training (St. Louis)


Who Can Attend: This course is for those seeking a blueprint for fixing movement errors due to poor mobility or stability that hinder perfect technique. It is designed for the general public and for any health & fitness professional looking to expand their knowledge on movement screening and squat technique.

Time: 10am – 5pm with lunch breaks

Course Overview 

  • This is not a boring classroom conference so many of us are used to, so expect to get up and moving for most of the day! Dr. Aaron Horschig will help you screen your entire body (from head to toe) to help expose problem areas that hamper perfect squatting technique. We then go over specific corrective exercises for each “weak link” found. Each person that attends the seminar will receive a workbook that that they will use during this time to discover what their specific movement problems are and how to address each issue in order to decrease their risk for future aches and pains, improve their technique quality and the potential for athletic performance!a
  • Technique: The next portion goes in depth with barbell squatting techniques (front squat, back squat and overhead squat). We will discuss the most common technique flaws, the specifics of squatting (foot position, stance width) and even debunk a few myths (‘Is squatting deep harmful for your knees?’). We will move around and lift during this session, but those attending will not be asked to lift heavy.
  • Wrap up: We’ll end the day with a discussion on how to craft together an efficient plan for addressing mobility and stability problems that we found so you can be efficient and effective with your corrective exercises.
  • Q&A: The last part of the day will end with a question and answer section where you can ask Dr. Aaron Horschig’s advice on any topic you like!


Who Can Attend: This course is designed for those interested in higher level of knowledge on how to manage aches/pains that are so common in the weight room (both from a preventative and reactive standpoint). This course is especially beneficial for coaches, health & fitness professionals, or athletes who have been hampered by injury.

Time: 9am – 5pm with lunch breaks

 Course Overview: 

  • The Injury Prevention & Management portion of the Squat University seminar builds from day 1 but dives deeper into proper screening and assessments of the athlete from an injury perspective.
  • We will discuss common injuries to the knee, hip, back, shoulder, elbow and wrist joints that occur in the weight room. After discussing how to properly break down the body to find WHY the symptoms started we will go over a number of corrective exercises that will help optimize the management of each injury. Proper exercise progression for each common injury will be discussed so you can find the most optimal tool for meeting each individual athlete’s needs.
  • Each person that attends the seminar will receive a workbook that that they will use during this time to walk through each problem and how to address each issue in order to decrease aches and pains.
  • Q&A: The last part of the day will end with a question and answer section where you can ask Dr. Aaron Horschig’s advice on any topic you like!


Day 1: $200

Day 2: $300

** Use code “SquatU50” for $50 off day 1 or 2, or “SquatU100” for $100 the full weekend!

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