How to Improve Knee Stability

The knee needs to stay in perfect alignment with the toes when we squat. Any wobble from this position decreases our ability to produce strength and power. Instability also causes harmful forces to be placed on the structures deep inside our knee. This instability not only decreases our potential for performance but also increases our susceptibility for injury. Today I want to introduce to you my 3-step process for improving knee stability.Continue reading How to Improve Knee Stability

The Squat Fix: Hip Mobility Pt 2

Hip mobility is a very important aspect in achieving a full depth squat. Stiff hips decrease our ability to properly activate the appropriate muscles in our hips. Essentially, we bleed out a good amount of power during heavy squats. Understanding the cause of our restricted hip mobility is the first step in establishing effective ways to fix the problem.Continue reading The Squat Fix: Hip Mobility Pt 2

The Joint-By-Joint Concept

Today we’re going to talk about one of the most thought provoking and influential approaches to understanding the human body – the joint-by-joint concept. This simple and straightforward concept is a game changer when it comes to how we as coaches, medical practitioners and athletes view the human body. As a doctor of physical therapy, this philosophy has influenced the way I approach and treat my athletes.Continue reading The Joint-By-Joint Concept