How to Keep Your Chest Up When Front Squatting

Do you struggle to keep your chest up when front squatting big weight? In this episode of the #AskSquatU Show, Dr. Aaron Horschig tackles how to fix this problem with two simple methods: learning how to breathe & performing a functional core stability exercise called the No Hands “Zombie” Front Squat.

Problem #1: Breathing

Proper breathing mechanics help increase core stability, which will limit the potential for your upper back to collapse when front squatting. Try this test to see if you’re breathing correctly. Put your hands on your stomach and side. Next, take a big breath like you would when squatting.

What do you feel? 

Ideally you should feel your stomach and side expand against your hands. This means you’re correctly breathing by using your diaphragm. To read more on proper breathing during the squat, check out “How to Breathe When Squatting.” 


Problem #2: Poor Core Stability

In today’s show, we cover the ‘Zombie Front Squat.’ To learn some of my other favorites, check out “3 Core Stability Exercises for a Better Squat.”

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2 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Chest Up When Front Squatting

  1. Hi Dr Horschig,
    Not sure if this is related to squat in particular but since you post so much more than just squat related topics, I thought perhaps you can shed light on elbow pain?

    The elbow pain I am experiencing is both outer and interior tho not at the same time. It comes and goes. Lately it’s inner for my right side and outer for my left.

    The inner pain on the right occurs mostly during full extension. The outer pain for the left mostly during rack position.

    Physio has been treating them with Dry needling and fascial work but it keeps returning soon after treatment.

    I have lay off lifting to try and rest but the pain will return as soon as I resume oly lifting. I am suspecting it’s my clean grip but would love to hear what your thoughts are on this.

    Thanks a mil and keep posting those great rehab vid on IG.


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