How to Fix Elbow Pain When Squatting

Welcome to Squat University! Today we’re going to go over a common complaint with those who back squat, elbow pain. This problem occurs due to three reasons:

Try This Test

Find a wall, and stand with your back to it. Your head and entire back should be in contact with the wall. Your feet should be a ~5 inches from the base.

Next, raise both of your arms to the side in an “L” position (as if you’re making a football goal post with your arms). Without moving your head or lower back from the wall, try to flatten the back of your arms and hands against the wall. Don’t let your lower back pop off the wall!

Wall Angel Screen

What did you find?

If you were unable to touch the entire wall with your arms, you just uncovered a weak-link in your body that is possibly contributing to your elbow pain when back squatting.

Now, check out today’s #AskSquatU video where we’ll go in depth into the other causes of elbow pain and a few ways to fix them!

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