Listed here are all of the blog articles we have written since October of 2015. They are organized by category (ranging from mobility tools, technique tips, busting squat myths and help even how to use a weightlifting belt).

Mobility Help

  1. Ankle Mobility Pt 1 (Screening For Stiffness)
  2. Ankle Mobility Pt 2 (Roundabout or Traffic Jam?)
  3. Ankle Mobility Pt 3 (Mobility Corrective Exercises)
  4. Hip Mobility Pt 1 (Screening For Stiffness) 
  5. Hip Mobility Pt 2 (Hip Restriction?) 
  6. Hip Mobility Pt 3 (Mobility Corrective Exercises)
  7. Screening Overhead Mobility 
  8. Overhead Mobility (Corrective Exercises)
  9. The Truth Behind Stretching Before Your Workout

Stability Training

  1. The Squat Fix: Knee Stability Pt 1 (Screening)
  2. Knee Stability Pt 2 (Corrective Exercises) 
  3. Core Stability & Proper Breathing 
  4. Core Stability Corrective Exercises 
  5. Scapular Stability Pt 1 (Screening)
  6. Scapular Stability Pt 2 (Corrective Exercises) 


  1. How Hip Anatomy Affects Squat Mechanics 


  1. The Technique Continuum
  2. The Great Squat Debate: Toes Forward or Angled Out? 
  3. 6 Steps to Perfecting Your Pistol 
  4. Overhead Squat Technique 
  5. High Bar Back Squat 
  6. Low Bar Back Squat
  7. Front Squat
  8. How to Teach a Perfect Bodyweight Squat 

Training Accessories

  1. How to Use A Weightlifting Belt 
  2. Are You Wearing the Right Shoes? 
  3. Knee Wraps vs Knee Sleeves 

Training Theory

  1. Why You Should Squat Heavy 
  2. When Can My Child Start Lifting Pt 1
  3. When Can My Child Start Lifting Pt 2
  4. System Failure
  5. The Joint by Joint Concept


  1. The Real Science of the Squat Pt 1 
  2. The Real Science of the Squat Pt 2

Squat Myths

  1. Can the Knees go Over the Toes? 
  2. Are Deep Squats Bad for the Knees? 
  3. The Truth Behind Stretching Before Your Workout

Common Injuries

  1. Common Squat Injuries 
  2. The Joint-By-Joint Approach to Low Back Pain 
  3. 5 Principles of Low Back Pain Rehabilitation 
  4. What Causes Low Back Pain? 
  5. How to Screen Your Low Back Pain
  6. The Pelvis & Low Back Relationship 
  7. The Low Back Pain Epidemic 
  8. Common Treatments for Low Back Pain 
  9. Knee Pain
  10. What Kind of Knee Pain Do You Have?
  11. How to Fix Patellar Tendon Pain
  12. How to Fix IT Band Pain


  1. The Single Leg Bridge Test


  1. Squat History 101